Obama's Oakland Visit: Marijuana Lovers Promise To Be There

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Is it just us or does Obama look stoned in this photo?
President Barack Obama's reelection campaign picked office space in downtown Oakland (of which there is plenty available) to house its Bay Area headquarters. The East Bay city has put in the work, and on Monday, Oakland will receive a presidential visitor for the first time in recent memory, when Obama checks in at the Fox Theater for yet another left coast fundraiser.

But this is Oaksterdam, where medical marijuana literally pays the bills, and where the federal Justice Department is attempting to close the state's biggest pot club. So marijuana advocates have organized a welcoming committee for the president -- and it's not friendly.

"Hundreds" of marijuana activists plan to greet the president with Oakland's best-known commodity: a protest.

Both California NORML and Americans for Safe Access are calling out for troops to be ready at noon -- ready and angry to call out Mr. President for allowing his prosecutors to shut down hundreds of dispensaries across California, and a growing number in the Bay Area.

News of Obama's "Betting on California Tour" was released shortly after employees of Harborside Health Center found property forfeiture notices posted on their building's doors one morning before work. The notices were signed by the office of United States Attorney Melinda Haag, whose office will shut down another two dispensaries in San Francisco by the end of the month, bringing her Bay Area total to 10.

Harborside CEO Stephen DeAngelo promised to fight the Justice Department in court.

The feds have also taken clear aim at California's cannabis commander: Oaksterdam University founder Richard Lee, who bankrolled 2010's marijuana legalization effort Proposition 19. Lee exited the spotlight and the business after federal agents raided the school and his home in April.

Recall that cannabis advocates feel particularly betrayed by the president: Obama the candidate promised to respect state medical marijuana law, a pledge reaffirmed by Attorney General Eric Holder multiple times. 

As of yet, none of the dispensaries shuttered by Haag have been charged in court or even accused of any specific wrongdoing, other than selling marijuana.

And four days after Holder told a Senate committee that only dispensaries who break "state law" risk prosecution, DEA agents raided El Camino Wellness in Sacramento, a dispensary advocates praised as a model for legal, taxpaying cannabis business.

Americans for Safe Access wants people out at noon Monday at Oakland's City Hall Plaza. There's a 1:45 p.m. press conference at Oaksterdam University.

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How many more lies can we put up with? The MF says one thing and does another, not because he had a change of heart, but big business is making sure their monopolies on fiber, fuel, food, and medicine are protected by the oldest trick in the book, campain donations. I guess we'll need to get really serious about electing someone who really does want to fix the country. Ever heard of Gary Johnson? If the media has their way, (again big business) you won't. He just want to fix the country, not play games with our lives.


Interpretations are the guiding force in the law.  Voter initiatives are an "obstacle"  to LEO

When the memo surfaced people interpreted this as a green light.

when a politician says 1 thing it means something else,

words like "conforming to state law" can be  changed in a closed city council

If  POTUS came to NoCal and says he supports sate rights would anyone believe?are people that naive ? 

look at the fundraising  ,follow the money

pharma, prison union, LEO ,tabbacco   all major contributors 

lobbyist set the stage.  SAMEOLESHIT


we need to impeach his liein black ass if we reelect him he's going to fuck our land and our people  up


Obama must hate marijuana or love donations from police unions, big pharma, and big booze companies. Just legalize marijuana! It is much better for people than prescription drugs, alcohol, tobacco or bad illegal drugs like cocaine, heroin, and meth. Great e-book on medical marijuana: MARIJUANA - Guide to Buying, Growing, Harvesting, and Making Medical Marijuana Oil and Delicious Candies to Treat Pain and Ailments by Mary Bendis, Second Edition. This book has great recipes for easy marijuana oil, delicious Cannabis Chocolates, and tasty Dragon Teeth Mints, only $2.99


kevin_hunt topcommenter

Obama's "Betting on California Tour" is betting that people will forgive his double cross on the medical marijuana issue  Good Luck, Barack!


Somebody needs to shake the tree of these silver tongued flip-floppers regardless of what the subject is.. If they (the W.H.) promised to teach your kids correctly then that's exactly what they should do and not continue to allow the g'ment to dumb them down, same with pot . Even though there are those out there who doesn't smoke and even condemn it, they should stand up to our leaders promises and say, " Do it, you promised! ". The people voted the leaders in because of these (and other) promises.. It wasn't something we just wanted to hear, it was from the promises that were made. What would happen if we promised to pay our share of taxes but when the time came we backed out using the excuse, "We said it because we knew that's what you wanted to hear".. Disgraceful!! I hope you advocates send a strong message to the only candidate who will (at least) toss us a bone ever so often but even bones won't always work if it's covered with lies. 

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