L.A. City Council Votes to Ban Marijuana Dispensaries

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Welcome to Los Angeles
Council also considers a plan to keep more than 100 pot clubs open.

Earlier, we tried to convince readers that San Francisco is way hipper than L.A. If you don't agree that daisy dukes and tummy tucks are just wrong, maybe you will agree this is: Los Angeles has officially banned pot clubs.

According to our sister paper, LA Weekly, in its quest to be less chic, the Los Angeles City Council today essentially decided that pot clubs were no longer welcome in the city, blaming its decision on recent court rulings, neighborhood concerns, and the sheer fact that the council isn't sure city officials can legally regulate pot clubs.
Per LA Weekly:
Most of all, however, the council argued that L.A's for-profit pot shop scene was never envisioned by lawmakers who the City Attorney says wanted to legalize the nonprofit growing and sharing of cannabis among the seriously ill.
That's terrible news for the city's 550 pot clubs now in business. The council did vote in favor of allowing only nonprofit collectives of up to three people who want to grow and share pot for the medically ill behind closed doors.

Of course, there was a lot of shouting and probably some tears, but in the end, the council decided this ban on marijuana business is the right thing to do until L.A. can get its shit together and work out a "regulatory scheme."

The council is expected to take a second and final vote next week. Afterward, the ban should go into effect within 90 days. However, pot activists are hopeful an alternative plan, which was also approved and will require some study, will prevail.

According to LA Weekly, Councilman Paul Koretz and Wesson introduced a motion that would allow the 182 dispensaries that opened before a 2007 city moratorium to remain in tact "as long as they adhered to strict regulations."

In any event, we're guessing now even L.A. residents think San Francisco is all the rage.

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