New Video of Violent Jack in the Box Fight Last Year Tells a Different Story, Attorney Says

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The defense attorney for 22-year-old Eduardo Shaparo Esquivel released some never-seen-before footage of the raging fight that took place in the Richmond District Jack in the Box last Thanksgiving, leaving a state firefighter in critical condition.

SFCitizen reports that Esquivel's attorney, Tito Torres, came up with this video that shows the victim, 29-year-old Albert Bartal, aggressively punching and pushing Esquivel, out of sight of the security camera prior to the hit-and-run accident that occurred at a nearby gas station.

Check it out:

"The young man, Mr. Bartal, rushes around the manager and sort of, almost leaping, just out of nowhere, strikes Mr. Shaparo in the face and then tackles him like he's a pit bull," Torres tells Channel 7 News.

Albert Bartal
The two men were separated, and Bartal left the fast-food restaurant and walked to a Shell station.

Afterward, Esquivel allegedly got into his car and followed Bartal to the gas station on Geary Boulevard, where police say he ran him over and sped off. Two days later, Esquivel was arrested and charged with attempted murder and mayhem.

Bartal, a Cal firefighter, suffered brain damage and is still in a coma today.

The Albert Bartal relief fund was established in the care of the San Francisco Police Credit Union. People can make a donation at SFPCU, 2550 Irving St., San Francisco, CA, 94122 (Account # 1379608).

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Most Cal-Fire employees are ex-cons. This pretty much proves why real firefighters have no respect for CalFire. 


Tits is spinning his wheels in the mud, flinging dirt towards his client's victim who almost died from a brutal mowdown.

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