Evangelical Apocalyptic Paper Claims Mitt Romney and Obama Are Evil Twins

2012 presidential candidates
It's hard to find evangelical Christians in the media who come off as more questionable than our very own Harold Camping. But there's one place you can be sure to dig one up ... and that's in Texas.

The Power of Prophecy, an arguably unreliable Austin-based publication, was kind enough to ship us its July issue, unsolicited. We skimmed through it and found some interesting articles, including one on Biblical mathematics (Harold Camping might benefit from that piece).

In any event, it being election season and all, we were most intrigued by this publication's front-page piece, titled "The Evil Twins of Israel."

Thankfully, you don't need to read much of the article to get the gist -- the headline says it all. According to these religious nutjobs, President Obama and wannabe president Mitt Romney are Tweedledee and Tweedledum (you can guess who is Dum).
Among the many similarities the paper notes between the two presidential candidates is their position on gays, which was news to us.

Here's what the Prophecy paper claims:
"Barack is a big supporter of transgenders, lesbians, and homosexuals and of the whole gay agenda. He even favors gay marriage. But, then, what about Romney? When running for state office against gay rights supporter Senator Ted Kennedy, Mitt Romney, interviewed by a gay newspaper, appealed to gays to support him, Romney, for office.

"Vote for me," Mitt assured homosexuals. "I will out-Kennedy Ted Kennedy in supporting gay issues."

As governor, Mitt endorsed gay marriage. To demonstrate his support for the debouched sex conduct of gays and for gay marriage, Romney even marched in Boston's annual Gay Pride Parade."
Of course, all that pro-gay verbiage Romney spewed was back in 1994, when AOL was popular and kids wore flannel to prom. So in case there's any confusion about where Romney stands on gay issues in 2012, here's an updated version of Romney's position:

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