Jealous Boyfriend Allegedly Beats Woman After Seeing Photo of Mitt Romney on Her Facebook

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In his defense, he is no Mitt Romney
No matter how many pennies we toss into the fountain, there's not a chance in hell we'd be lucky enough to wake up and have no clue who Mitt Romney is.

However, this charming Tennessee man to your right only recently learned about Romney while he was in jail. He also learned that ignorance is not bliss.

Lowell Turpin was arrested last week after he glanced at his girlfriend's Facebook page and saw a picture of another man -- a clean-cut, white dude who he knew for sure wasn't him. Instead of calmly asking her about the mysterious man, the 40-year-old allegedly grabbed her laptop, smashed it against a wall, and hit her in the face, according to news reports.

Turns out that Romeo in the photo was Mitt Romney -- you know, the guy who is running for president.

In any event, Turpin was booked into Anderson County Jail and charged with domestic assault.

He also now knows who Mitt Romney is. Let's just hope he's not inspired to register to vote.

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