Facebook Says You Can Get Gay Married

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As of late, Facebook has endlessly come under fire for its in-your-face tactics and unpopular overhauls. Just earlier today, users were lamenting the new @Facebook e-mail accounts being shoved down their throats.

But for all the seemingly unnecessary changes the Silicon Valley tech company has made, we're delighted to see this particular one: gay marriage icons on your timeline.

That's right, gay couples might not be able to marry in California yet, but you are certainly allowed to be hitched on Facebook. The company added new blue icons featuring two grooms, while another features two brides, for those same-sex couples who have tied the knot.
Before, married couples would only see one icon, a heterosexual couple that popped up with users changed their status to "married."

So why the abrupt change? Well, Facebook's co-founder Chris Hughes married his longtime partner over the weekend, and of course, like many other gay couples, he wanted to publicly acknowledge it on his Facebook page.

Needless to say, a heterosexual icon just wouldn't suffice.

Facebook might be a lot of things -- arrogant, officious, and lame -- but what it's not is thoughtless when it comes to supporting the gay community. 

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