Delta Airlines Serves Turkey Sandwiches With Needles

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Forget about your oxygen mask
Delta Airlines hasn't come up with any reason as to why or how some needles got into the turkey sandwiches served on some of its weekend flights. And no, the pre-packaged sandwiches weren't bought in the Tenderloin

The airlines confirmed that sewing needles were found in five sandwiches on flights coming from Amsterdam on Sunday. Flight attendants said they stopped serving the sandwiches after the needles were discovered (how thoughtful), and gave passengers pizza on the house.

No word on whether anyone actually chowed down a needle for lunch, but one passenger was reportedly injured. Here's what Delta, whose original slogan was "Speed, Comfort and Safety," has to say for itself:

"Delta is taking this matter extremely seriously and is cooperating with local and federal authorities who are investigating the incident. Delta has taken immediate action with our in-flight caterer at Amsterdam to ensure the safety and quality of the food we provide onboard our aircraft," the airline said in a written statement.

The FBI has jumped on this one, tracing the jagged sandwiches all the way to their origin -- the Amsterdam kitchen of catering company Gate Gourmet. Of course, the company says it has no clue where the needles came from, and insists, they, too, are taking this distressing situation seriously.

Until then, hopefully Delta will issue sewing thimbles with each meal.

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 Sorry my pc is slowly . And there is amistake that sounds like I want to attack ! LOL It is a seroius thing! I think it was a test made by terrorists ! Do you remenber the shoebomb attack in 2008 from amsterdam to detroit(DELTA FLIGHT)? Do u remember all tests of terrorist in the last years were easy to find out but somtimes no one had a clue but then checked the whole plan . I guess it was atest because the needles were found on 4-5 different Flights to most important delta hubs in the us from amsterdam . Okay if someone is clever he would just use needles in one flight to test if everything works well but the one wanted to try if everything works well on 4-5 flights and it is also his next step he will do ! To use needles in 4-5 flights on delta or united (the biggest airlines in the world) to important delta /UAL Hubs in the us! But why 4-5 flights? Cause there was 4-5 important countries who was involved in the iraq war in europe . It was the netherlands , spain , italy , the UK and Portugal etc. it fits! Olympicgames coming soon ! PERFECT TIMING TO HIT SUCH COUNTRIES WHO WAS INVOLVED IN THE IRAQ WAR . How He/they want to attack? Hurt all pssengers wit something in the air with something put on a sndwich /meal it could be toxic it could just really hurt or it could kill (no bomb) . Also the crew will get such needles and one of the cockpit crew! One in the cockpit it does not matter pilot or copilot won't get something .I guess the copilot won't get needles or somethin inside meal . One 4-5 several flights will be one man no one will identify him as terrorist cuase he also needs no bomb or shoebomb or gun or anything . He waits until all passengers and crew will be dead trough something inside meal and he waits until the pilot or copilot will be dead or hurted etc . then someone opens the cockpit door! That is why one in the cockpit needs to sty alive and gers no toxic meal etc . he will look if everything in nthe cabin is okay because the pilot or copilot is dead or hurted or somethin else... but in the cabin no one answers also not the crew because all passengers and crew members , sky marshalls are dead or hurted or etc. whatever so the pilot or copilot will then open the cockpit door to look what haoppened . the terrorist already stands behind the cockpit door and will go into the cockpit when the door opens . maybe he waits in the kitchen or toilet in front of the cockpit untilsomeone opens the cockpit door and then forces him to fly somewhere else or he takes control of the plane and will fly the planes to london , rom , lisbon , madrid etc. and he will fly the planes inside popular things .

Bran Deditems
Bran Deditems

What are the chances of a father and son on two seperate flights getting a needle in their sandwich? Something's definitely fishy with that part of the story. Liars go to hell, I hope are not doing these fo money.

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