Bayview-Hunters Point Community Weighs in on Navy's Plan for Superfund Site

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Many San Franciscans were unaware of a local Superfund site in the Hunters Point Shipyard until there was a fire in the landfill in 2000. The fire occurred on the most contaminated portion of property in San Francisco.

Now there's a debate over what to do about it and how exactly to clean it up.

Many Bayview-Hunters Point residents are concerned by the proposed plan to leave the landfill "capped," and say they'd prefer to have it removed altogether. However, the Navy has proposed a plan to keep everything contained under a cap in order to prevent contaminating the surrounding environment and exposing the public.

In order to find some common ground and promote transparency, the Navy and EPA have agreed to an independent peer review of their clean-up plans. The review will be spearheaded by Arc Ecology, a local non-profit that focuses on environmental advocacy and education. Arc Ecology hired three scientists, a toxicologist, a geologist and a radiation specialist, to review the plan currently under consideration and report back to the community.

Tomorrow night, the first of two public meetings will commence. Bayview Hunters Point residents and other interested parties are invited to attend to share concerns about the shipyard's landfill, learn more about the proposal and the independent review's findings. The meetings will take place at 6:30 p.m. at the Bayview Opera House, on July 10 and Aug. 8.

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