S.F. Relaxation Guru Explains the Difference Between Bath Salts and Face-Eating Bath Salts

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Won't eat your face
Ever since the crazy Miami face-eater shook the nation with his flesh-eating fetish, there's been some confusion over the use of bath salts. Police say Rudy Eugene was probably high on the street drug known as bath salts when he chewed off the face of a homeless man last month.

We can only imagine the reaction of people soaking in their tub filled with bath salts when they heard this news. Alas, it's not some government-induced plan to turn the nation into zombies. And no, your wife won't try to eat your face off after a day at the spa.

Lee Williamson, president of the San Francisco Bath Salt Company, is trying to set the record straight and help people understand the difference between bath salts and the drug known as "bath salts."

"The only 'highs' that you can achieve from our bath salts are the feelings of rejuvenation and relaxation," says Williamson.

The San Francisco Bath Salt Company is the premier supplier of bath salts in the U.S., according to a press alert. The salts it sells are dissolved in a hot bath or shower to alleviate muscle and joint pain, to refresh and nourish your skin, or just to make you feel good after a long day.

Will eat your face
Williamson explains that the salts he sells contain sea salt, oils, and other natural fragrances. That's very different than the drug "bath salts," which contains the chemicals MDPV, Methylone, and Mephedrone. The U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency refers to the street drug as the Designer Cathinones.

In fact, those face-eating zombies who ingest bath salts experience completely opposite effects to the soaking bath salts: They are agitated, panicky, and generally displeased.

"If anything, someone getting high off these 'bath salt drugs' might need our bath salts to counteract the effects of the drug," Williamson explains. "And I assure you one thing: Our bath salts won't turn you into a zombie."

Now you can go relax and enjoy your bath.

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