Supervisor Scott Wiener Hopes to Get Rid of Irrelevant Laws

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Hates stupid laws
It's a little late for spring cleaning, but don't tell that to Supervisor Scott Wiener, who has big plans to sweep away the city's old and somewhat unnecessary laws that don't really do much for us anyway.

"As legislators, we pass a significant amount of legislation to address issues facing San Francisco," Wiener says. "It's also important to continually reevaluate existing legislation and repeal or amend laws that are past their useful life."

Ironically enough, Wiener plans to unveil some more legislation just to get rid of old legislation that he says doesn't really serve any purpose.
What are some of these tired and worn-out policies that he hopes to toss in the garbage? For starters, there's Police Code section 585, which outlaws tying animals to street lights or street trees. He also wants to do away with the 1960 ordinance that says roving food businesses, including the beloved Tamale Lady, can't legally sell their delicious late-night snacks at bars, even with the owner's permission.

Another silly police code Wiener wants to toss is the one that requires professional movers to notify landlords before they come pick up a tenant's sofa.

And here you thought you were doing nothing wrong when you tied Fido to the tree outside while the guys from IKEA delivered boxes into your Pacific Heights co-op.

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Weiner has become known as the tinkerer.

Sam Infusia
Sam Infusia

They should pass legislation about passing too much legislation...


How can you even consider discussing irrelevant laws without mentioning our absurd alcohol laws?

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