SPCA Will Pay You to Adopt a Chihuahua

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The Bay Area is still so desperate to shed animal shelters of chihuahuas that not only are they offering them for free, but they will actually pay you take one off their hands.

The Peninsula Humane Society has pledged to give $10 to anyone who adopts a one of these little lap dogs this weekend at the Peninsula's adopt-a-thon. Of course that money will be given in the form of "fun bucks" meaning cash you have to spend at the SPCA retail store, but still, it's for a good cause.

If you still aren't interested in bringing home one of those purse puppies, there will be plenty of other animals to choose from: 70-plus cats and kittens, as well as 45 dogs, including plenty of toy breeds, and rabbits. If you prefer to keep scalier friends, there will be snakes, lizards, and reptiles of all sorts ready to call your place home.

For any other animal aside from chihuahuas, PHS staffers are going to let adopters choose their own adoption fee.

Potential adopters are encouraged to get to the Peninsula Human Society's Compassion Center before 7 p.m. on Saturday to give themselves plenty of time to pick out a puppy and fill out the paperwork. You could even take a look of the adoptable animals online and fill out an application to bring with you on Saturday.

SPCA volunteers are hoping for a good turnout; in previous years, they have placed as many as 70 animals into new homes during the one-day adopt-a-thon.

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