SF Giants Stitch Bomber Gets Crafty in Bernal Heights

We already know where the city's most loyal Giants fans live: Bernal Heights.

Remember last year when neighbors over there started the new home-improvement trend, commissioning local street artist Get Up to stencil life-size drawings of Giants relief pitcher Brian Wilson on their garages, doors, and outside walls of their homes?

This season, neighbors have taken up stitching to show their support for the 2010 World Series Champs.

Fun of a Stitch
The Bernalwood Press pointed out this cool urban cross stitching, which can be seen on Crescent Street.

Here's how the yarn bomber, Fun of a Stitch, explained this quirky art project:
I plotted it out on graph paper ahead of time, but because of the major difference btw squares and diamonds, I had to re-adjust on the fly and redo a few spots. Just like with smaller-scale cross stitch, it came to life under my hands and took on a life of its own as I got further along. Everyone who passed on the street was tickled. One guy said "That looks really cool!" A little girl yelled, "Giants!" And yeah, I realize a major-league baseball logo might seem like a lame public-art project, but in my culturally diverse neighborhood, this crazy team's logo really is common ground, guaranteed to make everybody happy.
And here's the best part, Fun of a Stitch says: "I got upstairs and peered out my front window, and voila, two hipsters coming up the street took a picture in front of it. I'm still grinning!"

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Uh...they are not the World Series Champs. That would currently be the St. Louis Cardinals. The Giants won the World Series the year before last.

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