Plenty of NorCal High School Kids Will Miss Graduation Because of Senior Pranks

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High schoolers have created a real sticky situation
It's that time of year: The Golden State Warriors are making a top-10 draft pick, tourists are under-dressed for the coastal breezes, and high-schoolers are being barred from graduation ceremonies because of senior pranks.

This week, 51 seniors at Heritage High in Brentwood and 30 more at McClatchy High in Sacramento were officially banned from graduation.

They certainly weren't being punished for lack of imagination.

Over in the East Bay, the kids from Heritage High dipped the soles of their shoes in washable paint and then ran around campus. They stacked 500-pound concrete benches and sealed them together in Saran Wrap, and capped the prank off when they chained a lamb to a pole in the quad.

And at McClatchy, kids were a bit less cerebral. They threw eggs and toilet paper around campus; they spray-painted four-letter words; and finally, they smeared school structures with sticky peanut butter.

This didn't go over well with those folks who have serious peanut allergies. The school's principal, Peter Lambert, told the Sacramento Bee that he had to make that odd phone call to several students, whom he knew had peanut allergies, to tell them to stay home on Monday while the school cleaned up the sandwich spread. Already, one student who came to school suffered "bad allergic reaction." The Sac Bee reports that this prank caused more than $5,000 in damages.

Over at Heritage, some of the prank participants received five-day suspensions, which means they will miss final exams, Principal Larry Oshodi told KGO-TV.

Check out this photo of the aftermath, procured by KGO, which shows an unhappy lamb beside a bale of hay, encircled by yellow caution tape.

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