Exhibit of S.F. Safe Injection Site Ends Next Week

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Safe injection sites? What a sobering concept
A Safe Injection site is exactly what is sounds like: A place where drug-users can inject drugs worry-free.

Specifically, safe injection sites are sort of like doctor's offices for drug injection; users can inject their drug of choice in a sterile environment under the supervision of a health professional. The point is to remove this activity from the streets, where drug injections are done in a hurry, often increasing the risk of infections, overdoses, and deaths.

No, you can't get drugs at the facility -- you have to bring your own.

Perhaps to your surprise, San Francisco doesn't have one yet; however, the city's Drug Users Union has teamed up with California-based design firms to envision what it might look like should we decide to get one.

You can see the results of this vision at the "Streetopia" exhibition hosted by The Luggage Store Gallery. It will give you some idea of the architectural design for a future San Francisco-based Safe Injection Site.

Safe Injection Sites are not a novel idea outside of the United States, currently operating in Canada, Europe, and Australia -- countries that view the facilities as life-saving public health services.

Contributing designers who helped to envision the futuristic Bay Area Safe Injection Site include an Oakland design firm, W.O.E.D. Inc., the University of California, Davis, Barry McGee, Prerna Dudani, Lin Green, Kammy Kwan, and AJAX.

The exhibit ends next Friday. So if you're curious about what the future possibilities might look like, check it out.

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