Ross Mirkarimi Admirers Ask Mayor Ed Lee to Back Off Suspended Sheriff

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It might be hard to find anyone vocally supporting Ross Mirkarimi right now, but those who are will certainly let you know it. There's a small legion of Ross supporters who are refusing to leave his side as he prepares to testify tomorrow in hopes of getting his job back as San Francisco sheriff.

Tami Bryant, a hardcore Ross fan, says this political pile-up on Mirkarimi has gone too far, and she wants anyone and everyone who still has a shred of respect for the suspended sheriff to rally in support of him. That means coming to the hearings tomorrow, and kicking in some cash for his legal defense.

"They're coming after Ross pretty hard. They have unlimited resources and Ross has practically none," says the I Stand with Ross campaign. "What's happening in San Francisco is unprecedented. The price tag to defame and oust Sheriff Mirkarimi has exceeded $1 million -- taxpayer dollars!"

If you can't make it out to the Ethics Commission hearing tomorrow when Mirkarimi is expected to testify, you can still help. Sign the petition or give him a personal gift of up to $450 to show him you care.

Mayor Ed Lee suspended Mirkarimi without pay in March after the sheriff-in-limbo refused to resign from his post. Lee had asked him to step down after Mirkarimi pleaded guilty to false imprisonment connected to a domestic dispute with his wife on New Year's Eve that left her with a bruise on her arm. Initially, prosecutors had charged him with battery and child endangerment, but dropped those charges in a plea deal.

Mirkarimi, who was elected sheriff in November, has been unable to have contact with his wife, Eliana Lopez since his arrest. Lopez is in her native country of Venezeula with their 3-year-old son, Theo, but has reportedly said she will come testify at the hearings if the city buys her plane ticket back.

Last week, things got heated after Mayor Lee essentially called Mirkarimi a wife-beater to reporters, which is definitely much worse than what Mirkarimi's former lawyer called him: a tyrant.

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