Angry Cookie-Lovers Threaten to Boycott Gay Oreo

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Oreo Cookie just gave San Francisco a new reason to devour its delicious processed-sugar-filled cookies: the homosexual Oreo.

After thousands attended Gay Pride in San Francisco and New York City, Oreo created a photo of a rainbow cookie, which it then displayed on its Facebook page. Sadly, the cookie isn't available for consumption (yet?), but at least Oreo is showing its true colors.

Naturally, (or unnaturally, if you will), Christian cookie fans refuse to eat this gay confection. In fact, there's some threat of a biscuit boycott circulating on the Internet. Oreo's Facebook post generated some 22,000 comments from cookie-eaters on both sides of the wafer.

Here's one of our favorites from an anti-gay gay cookie person:
I support equality, but a cookie shouldn't have anything to do with sexuality of ANY kind. Classless move.
And to be fair in reporting both sides:
I really feel bad for the progeny of those boycotting Oreo. Those poor kids have no idea that the reason they can't have a cookie is because their parents have a brain the size of a peanut.
Ah, yes the children. Just think of what all these homosexual sweet treats are doing to your kid.

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