Study Shows Gay Parents Are No Different Than Straight Parents

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Gay dads
A new study adds to the growing mountain of evidence that gays are no different than straight people when it comes to this whole parenting thing.

Researchers at San Francisco State University interviewed 48 gay male couples who are raising children together in San Francisco and Salt Lake City. What they found was that these gay parents had similar lifestyle changes to straight parents -- specifically, they have less time and energy for sex.

This reduced sex drive means less "risky" sexual behavior, which could lead to a reduction in HIV among gay dads.

"Many fathers said they feel a sense of responsibility toward their children which motivates them to avoid risky sexual behavior," said Colleen Hoff, professor of sexuality studies at SF State. "When gay couples become parents, they become very focused on the kids, they are tired, there is less time for communication and less desire for sex."

Perhaps the most amusing part of the study was what researchers didn't find, specifically when it came to monogamy versus open sexual relationships.

"For the most part, those who were monogamous before becoming parents said they stayed with that arrangement," Hoff said. "Those who had open relationships before having children reported that they kept to that agreement."

Finally, the study urges doctors and other healthcare professionals to keep an open mind when discussing sexual health, meaning they should not assume that because someone is a parent, they also ascribe to monogamy.

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