Occupy Berkeley: New Report Says Cops Were Definitely Too Mean During Protests

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If Occupy protesters could garner sympathy anywhere, it's going to be in the hypersensitive city of Berkeley.

A new report released this week sides with UC Berkeley protesters, claiming police were a bit too heavy-handed during last fall's protests when they repeatedly clubbed student protesters with batons.
Students had been camped out on Berkeley's Sproul Plaza on Nov. 9, 2011, when police stormed in, attempting to breakdown tents, and that's when the chaos began.

According to the report, put together by the campus five-panel Police Review Board committee, "the vigor of these baton thrusts is most distressing. The police hit some students while they seemed bent over in pain from prior strikes to the gut."

The confrontation between police and protesters was caught on video and of course sparked widespread criticism as well as a lawsuit which accused police of brutality against two dozen students and community members who were protesting as part of the Occupy Wall Street movement.

The school chancellor had warned protesters of the no-camping policy at Berkeley, however, it seems he gave little instructions to campus on how to enforce this rule, the report concluded.

In the end, the committee decided that the school needs to do a better job at communicating the consequences protesters might endure should they ignore these protesting rules in the future. Also, the school needs to decide, specifically, how much force cops can use in these situations, the report said.

In any event, the chancellor says he's sorry.

"We truly regret that our processes were not adequate for handling the particular challenges of that day," Chancellor Robert Birgeneau said in response to the report. "Our management of the protest was inconsistent at times with safeguarding the norms expected of Berkeley to protect free speech and assembly."

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No matter wut happens the police are the pawns. the county state and city political elites use to keep us seperated and labled agianst each other. the middle and upper middle class are nothing. but futuristic slaves controlled by media and propiganda. mindlessly hearded to the work fields to feed there never-ending hunger. there no different then the upper class iether were all just ants to them look what happened when they discovered outsourcing those people laid were now obsolete. useless . wut happens when they do create artificial intelligence. a worker that doesn't sleep eat or stop we all become of no impotance and wut about all the cover ups lies and enviromental disasters caused by men with our best interests in hand. why use eddisons electrical shit when tesla could have harnessed free electricity . because. there was no gain. for the good of man kind my ass. it doesn't matter who's pres. or who gets the popular vote they put whoever can distract the masses best. Missdirection is a powerful tool even in the hands of a halfwitt. There's so many things that have been falsified destroyed or just plain covered up and i refuse to allow people to continue on this path of disillusioned paths that began with the ammen priests when they destroyed the real order way before the jews set foot in egypt. then the pushers of monotheism came and destroyed evan more of our anchient heritage following. the birth of the "repyblic" ha don't make me laugh its all just a shrouded. cloud both real and metaphorically to keep us as dumb to what's really there and what there true motives are ill tell u this its worse than anyone could imagine. how long will they stay loyal to a government that sugar coats lies and puts. our very lives at risk. every day they continue to make our dissisions for us weather its equal rites health care or trade flow. legal and illegal. if every american just stopped fighting and trying to 1up there nieghbor and began caring for each other as the great civilizations of old there would be no taxes irs terrorists. alien and lost species being swept under. rugs. And we would truly be free!will continue on this subject later . Chiva diva


Beating up peaceful protesters is mean? Who knew!

A. Nadromy
A. Nadromy

"Mean"? Have you seen the videos? They jabbed batons into the bellies of unarmed (mostly female) protesters. I suppose the cops who stomped Rodney King were just being impolite. 

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