Obama Meets With Millionaires, Raises Millions During Trip to San Francisco

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This picture gets funnier every time
Amid all the crowds, traffic street closures, and protesters in downtown, President Barack Obama managed to shake down San Francisco for another $2 million in less than four hours yesterday afternoon.

This just shows the president is still heavily reliant on San Francisco and its money to help keep him afloat in this financially competitive election. It's the third trip he's made to our fair city in the last few months -- and from what we hear it won't be the last.

But his trip wasn't all about raking in the campaign cash. After being greeted at the airport by Mayor Ed Lee and Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom, he then got to talk sports with the two pols. 

According to Politico.com, the president was "whisked away" to meet with Giants' legend Willie Mays which was reportedly as awesome as being president itself.

"As cool as Air Force One is, it is much much cooler when Willie Mays is with you on the plane," the president said.

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Wondering when Obama will kick them to the curb, like he did to his Wisconsin supporters?  It's Buy Beware, with the Obama administration, they just will keep coming back for more and more.  Warning, don't even think about Obama having your back, they won't even remember your name.


We are NOT leaving the Federal Reserve Bank @ 101 Market St. UNTIL justice is served ! #OCCUPYSF

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