Obama Makes Another Stop in San Francisco Today, Which Means Traffic Will Be Awful

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Erin Sherbert
We love Obama, but we hate traffic. So each time the president makes a trip to San Francisco we feel truly conflicted.

Then again, the only thing that we hate worse than San Francisco traffic jams is the thought of Mitt Romney becoming our next president.

So here we are willing to suffer through another day of detours and road closures while the president racks up millions for this financially competitive race. We can't tell you specifically what streets will be closed and when; Sgt. Daryl Fong says he really can't give too many specifics at this time.

According to Fong, "Drivers should be advised that traffic surrounding the Landmark and 465 California St. will be temporarily closed at various times during the President's visit. We are unable to provide times of closures due to security measures."
We can tell you that the presidential madness will begin this afternoon in the Financial District, where he will hold two private, high-dollar fundraisers. His first stop is a finance roundtable meeting -- ironically enough --  right across the street from the former site of the Occupy San Francisco encampment.

Erin Sherbert
Obama madness
And, yes, that means Occupy will be out there to protest the president for being rich and meeting with the rich.

According to the Chronicle, Obama will be at the Julia Morgan Ballroom in Clint Reilly's historic Merchants Exchange Building, where 275 supporters will pay $5,000 each to have lunch with the president. "Shame on the president for coming to San Francisco and meeting with the 1 percent," Occupier Nancy Mancias told CBS.

Apparently, Occupiers aren't the only ones upset with Obama. San Francisco Supervisor Christina Olague is feeling conflicted over Obama's visit as well.  As the Chron reports, Oalgue supports the president, but she is equally "ticked" at his about-face over pot clubs. She wrote Obama a pointed letter, expressing her disgust over the recent federal crackdown of local medical marijuana clubs.

"We're just asking [Obama] to be true to his word," Olague told the Chron yesterday. "Ask them to back off."

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"We" love Obama?  Erin Sherbert is a journalistic shill who stands for nothing except Terrorism and the New World Order, lies and more wars.    

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