Muni Logos We'd Like to See (PIX!)

Last week, we reported how the new logo for the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency managed to be both boring and unoriginal.

As you can see above, the MTA's self-applied symbol is eerily similar to a mark created two years ago by Chicago-based design firm AKTA. The Midwesterners describe their logo as "something abstract, [something] bold that could be used ubiquitously." Well, mission accomplished: This symbol is ubiquitous enough to apply to both a design firm and a transportation agency, apparently.

Such an all-encompassing logo seems ill-suited for Muni; as any frequent passenger can tell you, riding the buses and trains here is a fairly unique experience. With that in mind, SF Weekly has crafted the following three logos we feel are more indicative of the Muni ethos:

For the agency that utilized plastic bags, zipties, duct tape, and WD-40 to keep its vehicles in service:


For the slowest transportation agency in North America:


And, simply, for Muni:


All images | Andrew J. Nilsen

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