Ross Mirkarimi Hearing Interrupted After Someone Calls in a Threat

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While Mayor Ed Lee was giving his testimony at the Ross Mirkarimi hearing this afternoon, police abruptly ordered the meeting to adjourn after City Hall received a threat from a distraught source.

Susan Fahey, spokeswoman to the San Francisco Sheriff's Department, told SF Weekly that the threat came at about 1 p.m. against City Hall, where the hearing is being held, and one other undisclosed building. Nobody was targeted in the threat, she said.

Still, officers whisked Mayor Lee away to his office on the second floor. City Hall was not evacuated.

Both the Sheriff's Department and SFPD searched the building and the perimeter for anything suspicious, but, Fahey said, they found nothing.

The hearing has since resumed, and Lee is back on the stand giving his testimony, which we will report on later.

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