Ross Mirkarimi's Text Records Released to Mayor Ed Lee

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No word on whether any of Mirkarimi's messages showed up on Texts From Last Night.
If you were trying to orchestrate a cover-up of your domestic violence, would you be texting your cronies about it?

Mayor Ed Lee suspects that Ross Mirkarimi is a texting kind of guy, and his bid to oust the suspended sheriff might depend on it.

In the week after the dispute where Mirkarimi bruised his wife Eliana Lopez's arm, he and his campaign manager, Linnette Peralta Haynes, exchanged five text messages, according to the City Attorney's Office.

Soon, Lee and his legal team will get to dig into those and many more text messages, now that Judge Harold Fong released the records of calls and texts sent between Mirkarimi, Lopez, Haynes, and the couple's neighbors, Ivory Madison and Carrie Williams.

The ruling comes less than a week after Mirkarimi's attorney's publicized the official's phone records, which showed that he did not have any phone contact with Haynes between Dec. 31, 2011 --  the night of the dispute -- and Jan. 4, the day Madison reported the incident to the police. Madison claims that Haynes tried to persuade her to call off the police soon after. The mayor argues that Haynes was following Mirkarimi's orders.

Lee also alleges that Mirkarimi got Haynes to convince Lopez not to press charges or go to the police. After a 40-minute phone conversation between Lopez and Haynes on Jan. 4, Lopez sent Madison a text saying that she would not go to the police.

But the city attorney has yet to show evidence that Mirkarimi directed or knew about Haynes' alleged actions.

So far, the defense team has depicted a man unwilling to exploit his political power to escape police investigation. In text messages released by Mirkarimi's lawyers, Lopez asks her husband to "use your power" to to stop the investigation, to which Mirkarimi responds, "I cannot."

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Get Medical Records
Get Medical Records

in the event ross received purely beg harmless, they can include been paid to trial run in addition to however possibly be superior down officially in comparison with they are at this point intending prior to a Life values Commission rate or higher up against the mayor's company. As a substitute accomplishing this is it being dragged available and is particularly transforming into a spectacle governed by means of blog post without area appears to be in particular beneficial. as a substitute, ross decided to go with the wrong way, in addition to very well, at this point allow spectacle get started.


Now Ross knows what its really like to be in law enforcement in SF...they don't attack your case, they attack you! I'd expect this from the PD's office, but not from the city attorneys. Welcome to our reality Ross.

JC Court
JC Court

Judge Kahn has already referred to the Mayor's request for 4 months of phone records as the: "Broadest of broad fishing expedition". Today we learn that the Mayor is still fishing for more information to make their case.  Ethic's commission chairman Hur has already asked the city attorney if their case was actually based on evidence already in the city's possession, or if it was allegations made in good faith but not necessarily with any evidentiary basis? The city attorney replied that it was based on evidence already in the city's possession. Thus the fishing expedition continues ...  Did the city attorney LIE to the Ethics commission? Thanks.

JC Court
JC Court

DID THE MAYOR HAVE ANY EVIDENCE BEFORE HE PROCEEDED WITH THIS CASE? A few weeks ago the Mayor's team asked for 4 months of phone records, which was described by Judge Kahn as: "The broadest of broad fishing expedition" They did not find anything, so now they are asking for text messages, what next?  They already have attacked the dignity of the wife by releasing that video. What other machinations are these people up to? Thanks.

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