Maloos, Iranian Cat Shot in His Native Country, Finds New Family in San Francisco

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Maloos transcends polticial tensions
Last month we moved readers with the touching story of Maloos, the deeply troubled Iranian cat who was found stuck to the pavement in the streets of Tehran. Maloos was rescued and later flown to San Francisco where he has been treated and loved back to health.

Maloos' sad story clearly pulled at plenty of heart strings, prompting people from all over the country to line up in hopes of adopting the Middle Eastern cat. In fact so many people wanted him that San Francisco Animal Care and Control held a lottery to help pick Maloos' new family.

In sweet twist of fate, it turns out an Iranian family in Northern California won the opportunity to take Maloos home. Laila Aghaie and her family will be picking up the wheelchair-bound cat tomorrow at an adoption ceremony at ACC.

 "[It] is a true 'tail' of kismet," writes Deb Campbell, spokeswoman for the ACC.

As you probably recall, Maloos, which means "very adorable" in Farsi, was found stuck on the pavement in the streets of Tehran, soaked in gasoline and mud. He was covered in abscesses and had been shot in the face, and his hind legs were deformed.

He was completely debilitated and unable to move.

Rescuers in Tehran took him in, but were limited in how they could help the troubled cat; they saved his life, but weren't able to give him the kind of future he deserved -- the kind they thought he might get in America.

So they turned to their friends in U.S.

S.F. ACC didn't hesitate, and had Maloos airlifted to San Francisco where he had multiple surgeries, and has been in rehabilitation, getting used to his animal wheelchair. He's reportedly made tons of friends at ACC, winning over the staff with his playful and "very congenial" personality.

If you feel like skipping out on work and see this Hallmark moment, head over to ACC at 1200 15th St. (between Treat and Harrison) at 3:30 p.m.

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If only hundreds of thousands of four legged people having weddings or gathering woods in Pakistan and Afghanistan could get human rights from American drones and the those who are sitting in California control rooms playing video games with these poor people's lives!!!!??


If only four legged human beings in Iran could get the same attention...

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