Ermias Kassaye Identified as Man Killed in Ingleside

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Why can't people stop killing each other?
Medical authorities have identified the man shot to death in the city's Ingleside neighborhood as 26-year-old Ermias Kassaye of San Francisco.

On Thursday about 12:20 a.m., police were  were called to the corner of Mt. Vernon Avenue and Howth Street,  where they found Kassaye shot in the head. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Police have made no arrests, nor do they have suspect information to give us.

Kassaye's death was the city's 38th homicide this year. Just yesterday, Police Chief Greg Suhr held a press conference to discuss the troubling spike in gun violence, noting that in June alone there have been 10 homicides. He's currently working with Mayor Ed Lee to come with with a plan to curb the gun violence, especially in the south part of town.

Anyone with information related to this incident is asked to contact the anonymous tip line at 575-4444, or Text-a-Tip to TIP411 and include SFPD in the subject line.

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 Obviously a very sad story, it was posted on CCSF  Gaurdsman paper, and it sounded to me, based on the article that he knew or got himself into something dangerous, my advice would be to find a well known psychic that works with law enforcement to give clues or answers to this. As crazy as it might seem, that may be the only solution, there is the sketch of the suspect and this may help bring clarity to this situation. I suggest oranum, there is plenty of psychics online and they might be able to help. The man who shot him, was not alone and it sounds really gang related. These men are heartless and base on my intuition, they have been getting away with things like this for a very long time, terrifying others but placing fear and power over them. Gangs have been around for a long time, and just reading the story of Kassaye on this article and The Gaurdsman really makes me hope that in the future many of these men would just stop being men of terror, and start being men that try to bring greater good for society by being men of good will and pure honesty in leadership. I would recommend the family try to seek their answers anyway they can and ask God to lead them to the right people in solving their case. I send my blessing of peace and hope to him and his family, I just felt the need to say something about this, as a spiritualist and a woman of divine love, I felt sad and pulled by this story.

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