Election Day Highlighted by Most People Not Voting

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On Election Day, San Francisco turns into a ghost town...
Today's election has been lambasted as not only the most boring in recent memory, but the most boring June election in many a year.

Fair enough. Today's low turnout is to be expected -- but it doesn't mean it's not embarrassing. More than 80 percent of French voters recently stormed the polls to elect a man nicknamed "Mr. Pudding" due to his blah personality and indecisiveness (and that derisive moniker was applied by the woman who bore his four children).

So, no excuses: We are lazy and therefore deserve what we get. When it comes to exercising our rights, it's Americans -- and, specifically, San Franciscans -- who have surrendered. 

Here are some ugly statistics: As of yesterday, the city's Department of Elections sent out 218,186 vote-by-mail ballots. Only 65,994 were returned -- barely 30 percent. Anecdotally, not many people have bothered to show up in person today, either.

Sadly, a glance at the elections archive reveals this is par for the course.

Another glance at the as-of June 4 vote-by-mail statistics indicates that, whatever registered Peace & Freedom Party voters are doing, they're not voting. Of the 1,203 sent ballots, only 135 have bothered to fill one out and mail it back (11 percent). To wit:


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Americans are to busy, lazy, drugged, drunk, traumatized, working, not registered, so what is your excuse?  Yes I voted, by mail because I don't like standing in line before or after a long day of work


There's not a lot of exciting things on the ballot. Democrats and Republicans both have their nominees already in the can, Dianne Feinstein is being challenged by a pack of nobodies, people could give 2 cents about the partisan "Central Committee"elections locally, the race for Assembly between Phil Ting and Breyer is a sleeper (also Ting will likely win), and Recology bought 100's of 1000's of dead tree ads and more to keep their contract and raise rates post election.

No wonder no one cares!

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