BART Trains Should Get You to Work on Time Today

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An arriving train feels good
You can expect a pleasant Friday reprieve from yesterday's commuting hell. BART trains are reportedly back on track and running as normal today -- no delays expected, yet.

Crews continued to do some emergency work on a few tracks early this morning, which caused some 10-minute delays before 6 a.m. But for the late-morning commuting crowd, you should be able to sail through the Transbay Tube with no problems.

Meanwhile, police are still investigating yesterday's insane fire that started at an under-construction senior center in West Oakland and quickly spread to lampposts, cars, and power poles, taking down electrical wires. The fire jumped to the BART tracks at West Oakland, forcing the transit agency to halt all trains between San Francisco and the East Bay.
The fire is believed to be "suspicious." Authorities told the Chron yesterday that three teens were allegedly harassing a security guard outside the construction site just minutes before the fire broke out.

The fire was put out by 4 a.m., but the aftermath of the blaze created a commuting conundrum; lines of would-be BART passengers stretched for blocks as they waited for buses to take them to and from San Francisco yesterday.

Trains were finally restored shortly before 4 p.m. yesterday with some residual (aka annoying) delays.

Oh, and Happy Friday.

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