BART Might Have Your Missing Bike

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Courtesy of BART
Is this your bike?
Had your bike stolen within the past few months? If so, hold your breath. Your ride just might be in the pile of bikes that police recovered from an alleged serial cycle thief. And to make this news even better, you might be able to partake in some of that sweet revenge you've been craving since becoming Schwinn-less. 

According to BART, police allegedly busted 47-year-old Brett Major late last month while he was stealing a bike at the 24th Street BART station. During a subsequent search of his home, the fuzz found several bicycles, frames, and parts -- all of which police believe to have been stolen. He was arrested on suspicion of burglary, theft, and possession of burglary tools.

Now BART is hoping to reunite you with your missing loot. The transit agency has posted photos to its website of the stolen goods that were recovered from Major's home. It could also help build a stronger case against Major. 

But if you do happen to spot your bike on the BART site, don't consider yourself lucky just yet. You'll still need to prove that the bike is yours by providing a police report or some kind of proof of ownership, including a receipt with a serial number.

So now might be a good time to start digging through those old receipts stuffed around your house, because you just might want your sweet ride back and some of that sweet justice, too.

If you recognize your bike or parts as yours, call BART Police Investigations Unit at (510) 464-7040, or e-mail Detective Wendy Sanchez at If you don't see your bike on the site, don't forget about the stash of stolen bikes the SFPD found last month. Check those bikes out here.

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