Antonio Palomarez, Morgan Hill Man, Accused of Exercising His Pit Bull to Death

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What kind of monster would run a dog to death?
Here's an example of an unqualified dog-walker.

Police arrested 36-year-old Antonio Palomarez, a Morgan Hill resident, on Friday on suspicion of animal cruelty after he allegedly exercised two dogs to the point of heat exhaustion, killing one.

According to press reports, Santa Clara County officers spotted Palomarez at 4 p.m. on Friday near Calle Mazatan and Calle Cerro pushing a bicycle and dragging the two pups dogs along as they lay on their sides. Both dogs were panting profusely and were very lethargic, police said.

When officers approached him, he told police he had taken his pit bull and his neighbor's boxer on a 7-mile run to "tire them out." And tired they were. The dogs reportedly ran that entire distance without access to water.

The officer immediately loaded the tired and sick dogs into a patrol vehicle and took them to the nearest vet, according to news reports.

Doctors reported that the pit bull's internal temperature was 105.9 and the boxer's was 103.1. Vets treated the boxer with IV drips, but the pit bull was "too far gone" and was euthanized, according to media outlets.

Palomarez was booked into Santa Clara County Jail, but was later released after posting bail. He is scheduled to appear in court on Aug. 3.

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what a piece of garbage

Slick Rick
Slick Rick

What a shit head. Whoop his ass like they do in Singapore!

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