Anita Sarkeesian: Sen. Leland Yee Reminds Us That He, Too, Hates Sexist Video Games

Video game crusader/Rush Limbaugh provoker state Sen. Leland Yee found another reason to write yet another press release -- but this time it was actually for good reason.

The San Francisco Democrat came out in support of California resident and proud feminist media critic Anita Sarkeesian, who, as some of you might know, has faced a not-so-surprising level of malice after launching a controversial campaign challenging the depictions of women in video games.

Sarkeesian made a YouTube video, explaining her project and her need to raise $6,000 to produce a series of educational videos that highlight video game sexism. Sure enough, her quest to combat sexism was met with, not just sexism, but racism, terrorism, and pretty much any other pejorative "ism" you can think of.

Viewers left nasty and hateful comments on her YouTube page, calling her a Jew and wishing cancer upon her, to name a few. But sort of like the Million Moms vs. JC Penney's gay dad ad backfired, so did this pathetic effort to hate on Sarkeesian.

Since her YouTube video and Wikipedia page was plagued with unpleasantries of all sorts, Sarkeesian has managed to pull in more than $125,000 for her cause.

Here's what Sarkeesian had to say about that: "OMG 1,000 backers! AMAZING, FANTASTIC, BEAUTIFUL."

And here's what Yee said:
I commend Anita Sarkeesian for her willingness and courage to take on this important issue. For far too long, the video game industry has glorified violence against women and often depicted female characters as nothing more than sex objects. Such sexism is unacceptable and teaches our kids the wrong lessons. Those who have criticized Ms. Sarkeesian with such offensive comments should be ashamed. It is time for the industry to stop perpetuating stereotypes and further demeaning women.
You would think with so much passion on the issue, Yee might have kicked in some money of his own toward her cause. However, Yee's spokesman, Adam Keigwin, tells us the senator hasn't donated anything as of yet. "We are hoping to set up a meeting to discuss this further and see how we can be most helpful," Keigwin said.


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