Hilarious Campaign Video Bluntly Explains Why California Should Smoke Tobacco

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Well, that's kinda funny
Generally, we think it's safe to say that Big Tobacco has given people more reasons to cry than laugh.

But we found ourselves chuckling a lot after watching this sorta depressing campaign video which uses gallows humor (our favorite!) to make voters -- and smokers -- smile and then think about all the damage Big Tobacco has done and continues to do to us.

The 1:30 video was released by the Yes on Prop. 29 Campaign, which uses parody to expose Big Tobacco's "deceitful" campaign against Prop. 29 -- the June 5 ballot measure that would raise the price of a pack of cigarettes by $1. If it passes at the polls, cigarette-lovers will be paying the price for smoking -- in more ways than one. That money will go toward funding life-saving research as well as help keep kids from becoming future smokers.

Anyway, watch this video. It just might be the most refreshing campaign ad we've seen to date.

Here's how campaign folks explain the video:

"Let's be clear: We can't match Big Tobacco, which has contributed more than $40 million to the opposition," said Chris Lehman, campaign manager for Yes on Prop. 29. "But what we can do is rely on thousands of smart California voters who see through Big Tobacco's smokescreen and will help spread our messages online."

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Elizabeth Frantes
Elizabeth Frantes

How will just making cigarettes more expensive stop "children" from smoking?  Seems to me that most of 'em have more discretionary income than most adults.  The idea that we should tax everything that some people don't like is a slippery slope.  How about we tax people for having children they can't/won't support?  How about a tax on unprotected sex?   How about a tax on taxes?  Sheesh.  Put  a tax on stupid, we can balance the budget.  


Fun satire video from the YES on 29 side!

But all joking aside, this is an easy YES vote for greater health and lower health care costs:Top contributors to the YES on Prop 29 campaign: American Cancer Society, Lance Armstrong Foundation, American Heart Association, American Lung AssociationTop contributors to the NO on Prop 29 campaign: Philip Morris, RJ Reynolds, US Smokeless Tobacco, American Snuff Company, California Republican PartySource: http://maplight.org/california...

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