How Much Would the White House Cost You in San Francisco?

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How much for a sublet?
In San Francisco, a building hailing from the mid-19th century is a source of wonder. In Europe, they've got public toilets that old.

The White House, which was completed in 1800, would be an oddity out here -- to put it mildly. San Francisco has its share of palatial estates, but none that were burned by the British in 1814.

What would the White House command in the City by the Bay? The real estate website Movoto aimed to answer that question. It figured that the presidential residence would command perhaps $115 million on the open market. But that's back East. What about here?

Well, by plugging and chugging the average price per square foot in our city -- and others -- and figuring the White House is 55,000 square feet, the website figures a White House West would cost you $147 million.

Forget The White House. If we had spare millions, we'd sink them into Julius' Castle.
It's a good bit of fun and a conversation-starter. Of course, San Francisco is not homogenized -- in real estate or any other field. A White House in Bayview would not cost the same as a White House on Nob Hill or a Marina White House to sink into the earth when next The Big One strikes. Similarly, real estate in New York City -- where the White House would, by Movoto's calculation, run $387 million -- is not uniform from Rockefeller Plaza to Staten Island.

The notion of erecting a White House in San Francisco, meanwhile, conjures up stomach-churning imagery of bureaucratic hurdles, endless public meetings, and, perhaps, a committee to propose a name that better fits San Francisco's idiom.

Finally, just because the White House ought to command $115 million in D.C. or $147 million here doesn't mean it would. A scaled-down White House replica in McLean, Va., was unable to move at $4.65 million, then $4.25 million -- and is now off the market.

No news on how much it wouldn't sell for if it were here.

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The Rabbit
The Rabbit

For monthsnow we have seen the effects of the Washington Lobbyists on the workings of ourelected officials. Heath Care Reform never seems to get past the talk stage;real reform of Health Care seems nothing more than a dream. The BankingInstitutions can commit what is equivalent of financial rape of the masses, andon these things go.

Everyoneknows that the Lobbyists are overpowering for our elected people in Congress.And the Lobbyists one way or another will overpower the good intentions of thebest member of Congress. Even a President who wanted to put an end to the“outside factors” in Washington seems powerless to counter these forces.

Many USCompanies now require employees to attend corporate training classes. What TheRabbit finds interesting is that in one companies class on Corporate Ethic’sand Contracts with the US Government a new US Law was mentioned. This Law is calledthe “Ethics in Government Act”. The Ethics in Government Act prohibitscompanies from bribing Government officials when trying to win contracts fortheir products. What was most interesting to The Rabbit was that this actdefines bribery as “… giving or offering anything of value with the intent toinfluence an official act.” Intent to Influence an official act….. Interestingwords!

So let’sthink about this, We Americans have a law that states that Corporations cannotattempt to influence members of the Government when trying to get somethingthey want, a contract. But then how is it OK for Lobbyists to try to “influence”members of Congress with trips, dinners, or who knows what, so that certainreforms will or will not happen? Seems like this same Act – especially with thetitle “Ethics in Government Act” should apply to all dealings with ofGovernment including those of the members of Congress and The WashingtonLobbyists.

As everyoneknows it can’t be easy to stop bad habits! Write your members of Congress askthem to please stop the Lobbyists so that Congress can once again represent thepeople! Have the “Ethics in Government Act” apply to all members of Congress aswell as people and Corporations! Its time to stop our Congress from beingbought!

The Rabbit

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