Supervisor John Avalos Claims He Talked to Harvey Milk's Ghost

Maybe he should have consulted this before he ran for mayor
Have you ever wondered exactly how our government leaders make some of their decisions? We assume many city decisions are made through backroom deals and a lot of backstabbing.

And then there's Supervisor John Avalos' refreshing governing style.

We were shocked, entertained, and strangely pleased to read the news today that our very own Avalos consulted not just his staff but an Ouija board before voting on whether San Francisco should name a Navy ship after slain gay rights activist Harvey Milk. Just for context, the last time we used an Oujia board was at a slumber party in third grade.

But the progressive supervisor known for his retro-fabulous interests (he loves his '80s vinyl) tells the Chron that he and his staff talked with Harvey Milk's spirit, and got his political guidance on that very important vote.

We actually put our hands on the Ouija board and the letters g-o-o-d-r-i-d-d-a-n-c-e-d-a-d-t came out. We asked Harvey, and Harvey gave us these letters: "good riddance don't ask, don't tell." It was quite clear that Harvey Milk would have been opposed to Don't Ask, Don't Tell. I can honestly say that's one aspect of this resolution that's really valid.
Well, yes it is, but did you really need a Ouija board to tell you that?

And here you all thought City Hall would be boring after Chris Daly left.

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