Steve Jobs Documentary Brings Gays and Nerds Together

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For those of you not yet satiated by the post-mortem insights reported on Steve Jobs, here's something else you can chew on. Steve Jobs: The Lost Interview, a documentary containing lost footage from a 1995 interview with the tech demigod, will be playing at the Castro Theatre on Tuesday night.

The 70-minute film will feature interviews with a fuller-faced Jobs, recorded while he was running his computer company, NeXT, for a PBS miniseries titled Triumph of the Nerds, according to Hollywood Reporter.

After Jobs died, journalist Robert Cringley found VHS interviews in Triumph of the Nerds director Paul Sen's garage. Remastered with narration from Cringley and released by Magnolia Pictures, Jobs speaks openly about his forced departure from Apple 10 years earlier.

Jobs in 1995 "was at his charismatic best -- witty, outspoken, visionary," according to Magnolia's site.

Touching on his early pioneering with the first Apple computer, running NeXT, and his visions for the future, the film is sure to melt the hearts of every iUser.

The film is being featured in select cities.

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I guess gays are interested in anything that shows at the Castro Theater?

Christopher Neal
Christopher Neal

Not sure why people idolize the guy.

Sure, Apple makes great products, but Steve "Overseas" Jobs put profits over domestic employment.


Am I the only one that thinks the headline on this post is idiotic?

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