San Franciscans Finally Learn How to Drive "Stone-Cold Sober"

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Courtesy of SFPD
A party for police
Turns out, all those public service announcements are finally starting to pay off.

According to police, DUI arrests were down this year -- way down -- compared to last Memorial Day Weekend. Cops only arrested 27 suspected drunk drivers versus the 42 they hauled off to jail last year.

Some back-of-a-cocktail-napkin math says that's a more than 30 percent drop. We'll drink to that.

"The totals are closer to two years ago, when we arrested 26 DUI suspects," said Capt. Denis
O'Leary. "I hope this means that people are getting the message about driving stone-cold sober every single time."

We'll know for sure if that message sticks come July, when cops will saturate the roadways again for the Fourth of July, and during another three-week summer crackdown starting in mid-August and continuing until early September.

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Listen up johnny law, technically speaking you don't have to be stone-cold sober to drive. Responsible adults can enjoy an alcoholic beverage at dinner, then drive home legally under the limit. That's why the limit isn't .0001% -- it's .08%. So no, we still haven't learned to drive stone-cold sober because we legally don't have to.


If it's essentially the same number of arrests from two years ago, I don't know that SF drivers have learned anything.

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