San Diego Claims Harvey Milk as One of Its Own

Aside from being located in the same state, there's very little San Francisco and San Diego have in common, except perhaps our affinity for men in sailor suits.

In any event, we came across a more important thread that links these two disparate communities: our love for Harvey Milk.

As the Bay Area Reporter notes, San Diego's City Council this week decided to rename one of its thoroughfares Harvey Milk Street, to honor the former San Francisco supervisor who was the firstly openly gay politician elected to office in California. Shortly after he was elected in 1977, Milk and Mayor George Mascone were assassinated at City Hall by former Supervisor Dan White.

It was Milk's rise in politics and his murder that captivated the nation, and put LGBT issues at the forefront of politics. To this day, when you think of San Francisco, you think of Harvey Milk, and vice versa.

And now San Diego wants in on that.

On May 22 -- Milk's 82nd birthday -- San Diego will unveil its new street with a sweet ceremony at the corner of Blaine Avenue and Center Street near San Diego's LGBT community center. At 5 p.m. that evening, Blaine Avenue will be officially re-named Harvey Milk Street.

The council explains the logic behind the new street name; Milk spent plenty of time in this SoCal city to call it home. According to the BAR:

San Diego's LGBT community has long claimed Milk as one of their own. He was stationed in San Diego in the 1950s when he served in the U.S. Navy, leading local activists to recently launch a campaign urging Navy Secretary Ray Mabus to name a naval vessel the USS Harvey Milk.

Although San Francisco does have a library and a plaza named after Milk, sadly, we have no asphalt dedicated to the slain gay rights leader. We suppose that'll just be one more great thing San Diego has that we don't, along with the amazing great weather and awesome beaches.

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Bea Hatch
Bea Hatch

Remind us again what Milk actually accomplished professionally. Being the first gay elected official doesn't count.  What actual legislative accomplishments did he achieve?

Clark Soccer
Clark Soccer

Damn, Bea. He was a civil rights pioneer and that alone DOES count. Stop trolling.

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