Police Arrest Angry, Gun-Toting Man in the Mission

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This isn't exactly how he envisioned his night to go
San Francisco police arrested a 55-year-old man early this morning after he allegedly pulled a gun on another man at a local gas station and threatened to kill him.

Officer Carlos Manfredi tells us that at about 12:30 a.m., police were called to a gas station on the 1500 block of South Van Ness, where they arrested Michael Wright, who had allegedly threatened to shoot another man. According to police, the kind victim walked up to Wright and offered to help him with his car. Wright snapped at him and told him to go away or he would shoot him with both his guns.

The victim did what any smart person would do and walked away. However, this seemed to enrage Wright even more, and he allegedly began to follow the victim, police said.

When the man turned around, he said Wright had his handgun out and was threatening to shoot him -- again.

The victim ran as fast as he could and called police, describing the suspect as a white man wearing a blue jean jacket, a T-shirt, and blue jeans. The suspect was last seen in a silver vehicle at the gas station.

Police arrived at the gas station and saw a man fitting that description talking to the gas station clerk. Since the officer believed Wright was armed, he drew his gun and ordered him to the ground. Wright allegedly continued to walk away while placing his hand on the left front pocket of his blue jean jacket. The officer told him to take his hand out of his pocket and get on the ground. Wright then began walking toward the officer, police said.

The cop ordered him one last time to the ground, and finally Wright complied.

Upon searching the suspect, police found a loaded black semi-automatic handgun in his blue jean jacket, as well as a silver revolver and a large bowie knife in his car.

He was booked into San Francisco County Jail and charged with possession of a loaded firearm in a vehicle, aggravated assault with a gun, and a traffic violation.

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this reads more like entertainment writing and not true journalism.  if you knew the facts of the case it would read much different.  total bs.  "The victim did what any smart person would do".  really?  "The victim ran as fast as he could."  Where did you get this from?

Christopher Neal
Christopher Neal

Wow, that orange color really just does not go with his skin tone...

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