Pedestrian Critically Hurt in Hit-And-Run Accident in North Beach

Watch out!
A 62-year-old man is fighting for his life today after he was hit by a driver who callously fled the scene.

According to Sgt. Daryl Fong, the victim was walking across the street at the busy intersection of Columbus and Stockton on Saturday at about 11:30 p.m. when a white SUV headed north on Columbus hit the man. 

The driver sped off, leaving the injured victim on the street. However, police are hopeful that someone witnessed this accident in this bustling part of town on a Saturday night.

The victim was rushed to San Francisco General Hospital with a life-threatening head injury, and medical authorities say the man is still clinging to life today.

Meanwhile, San Francisco police are looking for the suspect vehicle -- a white SUV driven by either a black or Hispanic male in his 20s.

Anyone with information about this incident is asked to contact SFPD at the Hit and Run Detail at 553-1215, or the anonymous tip line at 575-4444; You can also text-a-tip to TIP411.

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I've been praying for that man ever since I saw that white sub hit him..i can't get the horrible sound out of my head of him under the SUV tires...every morning and every night I pray for him.


The man that was hit was a local vagrant, known by many of the restaurant owners, shop keepers, and residents. He was very friendly and always had a kind word. My boyfriend once dropped his Fast Pass (when they were paper) and he saw it and ran after my boyfriend to give it to him. Since that day we've always said hello and given him what he could. He's very much loved by our neighborhood and I hope he is able to pull through and recover.

This intersection is complex and many cars run red lights ALL the time. If the driver escapes the law they still won't be able to escape themselves.


This is an insane intersection, with a bunch of streets all coming together at weird angles and with traffic signal timing that is very hard to follow. I'm surprised more people aren't hurt or killed there -- it desperately needs traffic calming, now.


Running is a terrible no good bad idea, because you can't run from yourself.

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