Occupy the Farm: UC Sues, Hopes Courts Will Evict Protesters

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Kate Conger
The University of California isn't waiting around for the cops to boot demonstrators from its land. As the Chron reports today, the UC Regents have filed a lawsuit against 14 demonstrators, claiming they cut through gates and have trespassed onto the 10-acre site that's used for university research.

The lawsuit, filed in Alameda County Superior Court, seeks a restraining order and an injunction against the protesters, which could result in six months behind bars.

What's more, the suit claims, protesters are interfering with the annual corn-planting on the site, which is not meant to be a 24-hour-a-day encampment.

"We're happy to have a conversation about both the short- and long-term future of the Gill Tract," Dan Mogulof, a UC Berkeley spokesman, told the Chron. "But that conversation must include members of the Albany community who have been involved with us in a collaborative planning process for more than eight years."

Meanwhile, occupiers are doing what they can to at least share the land with professors and students. Here's a statement Occupy the Farm released this morning:

Yesterday evening, in order to free up as much space as possible for researchers, the farmers began relocating the temporary camp to a more southern portion of the Gill Tract which has long been vacant, not used for agricultural research. The move was completed this morning, after the scheduled planting with Professor Altieri, and offers a win-win scenario, where the farmers can maintain access to the crops and the researchers can begin their research unimpeded.
Protesters moved onto the Albany site, known as the Gill Tract, on Earth Day, in an effort to preserve the land as a community farm. Since then, demonstrators have ignored all requests by police and the university to leave, and have continued to till the land and plant thousands of new seeds and vegetables.

Yesterday morning, police barricaded the area, and protesters sent out a statement, saying they were preparing for a raid. Obviously, that never happened.

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Host a job fair at the farm--they will run away fast as possible!!!


Spray paraquat from an airplane and they'll have no sustenance! 


Set up a sound system and blast these losers all night with the most annoying sounds possible. Set up a high-powered lighting system and flood these losers all night with bright lights. Bring in ten thousand pounds of manure and pile it all around the loser's tents, if not on them. Film all this and put it on youtube. These "farmers" will be gone in no time and we'll all have a good laugh.


They are squatters, so why can't the UC police just remove them, re-lock the gates, and be done with this drama?....Oh, yeah, because this is California and everyone has to become emotionally bent out of shape about every liberal cause.  This is why illegal immigrants are now "undocumented workers" and why the state of California is bankrupt----lack of the important ingredient of common sense.

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