North Beach Neighbors Raise Money for Homeless Pedestrian Hurt in Hit and Run

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Selester "Les" Rowe
Last Saturday, a 62-year-old man was walking across the street in North Beach with a pizza in his hand when he was hit by a car whose driver callously left him bleeding on the street.

That victim was a homeless man named Selester "Les" Rowe who, has been a friendly fixture in North Beach for more than five years. As Les struggles to recover from his brain and spinal injuries, the North Beach community has rallied behind him and his family, who are in need of money and shelter. A fund has been set up at the North Beach branch of Citibank for locals to donate to help Les and his family.

"He greeted everyone with 'have a nice day,' and is a beloved person in the community," said Paulina Krol, a concerned friend.
Four of his family members are in town, but need of a hotel or a place to stay; the community is also helping them find long-term shelter while they wait for Les to regain consciousness.

Les was crossing the street at Columbus and Stockton on May 12 at about 11:30 p.m. when a witness saw a white Chevy SUV plow through the intersection, knocking Les to the ground. The driver sped off, and remains at large. Meanwhile, Les is clinging to life at San Francisco General Hospital's intensive care unit.

Police have very little information about the car, except that for the the last two digits of the license plate: "24."

Anyone with information about the white Chevy or the incident is asked to contact Det. Cadigan at 553-9259. If you would like to help out financially, call Citibank at 362-8410, or find the the "Help Les" page on Facebook.

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Tim Giangiobbe
Tim Giangiobbe

He will take care of his issues and his health if he survives this. He is a nice guy who needed clean and safe supportive housing not wandering the streets scrounging for a living. Spend a night outside when it is a warm balmy night. It's off the hook. 

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