"No Parking" Never Looked Happier

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Joe Eskenazi
If the kinetic energy of San Franciscans' palms smacking the table after they realize they've forgotten to move the car could be captured and used to electrify our city, we'd never have to read about public power again (and the Local Agency Formation Committee could get around to forming local agencies).

Alas, the only upside of forgetting to move the car is that you can keep on forgetting to move it, because you've already got a ticket. And, yes, you can take pleasure in making an impromptu donation to city coffers. Those of you living in the shadow of City College, however, have one more silver -- or, rather multicolored -- lining. You get to be entertained by this pretty and painstaking work of No Parking art.

Scores of multicolored zipties -- perhaps bought in bulk form a police department with a sense of humor regarding its mass-arrest policy -- adorn this pole. While your humble narrator snapped these photos, the sign literally stopped traffic (the gawkers did not drop the 12-pack of beer they were ostentatiously carting about in the middle of the day).

Joe Eskenazi

Actually, glancing at the calendar, this coming Monday is a get-out-and-move-the-car day. So, unless you're counting on being cheered up by plastic zipties to the tune of $55, get out and move the damn car.

Joe Eskenazi
It's nice. But it's not "$55 to the MTA/DPT" nice.

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So, who is the lazy dude who left his bike and pack in the street?


It's great Whimsical art and it makes me laugh, my thanks to the artist.

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