Nancy Pelosi Shames Obama Over Marijuana Crackdown

Just made a lot more friends
Earlier this week, medical marijuana advocates marched to Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi's San Francisco office, where they delivered a petition asking the House Minority Leader to crack down on President Obama over his federal crackdown of pot clubs.

And because the San Francisco rep is always looking for new reasons to be at odds with the president, she jumped on the we-hate-Obama's-pot-policies bandwagon. In a statement released to the press, Pelosi said she has strong feelings, negative feelings that is, about the federal government's recent actions to close down pot clubs across California. Already, five in San Francisco have shuttered, and five more are set to close later this month.

Pot advocates are putting pressure on the president, saying this federal crackdown is only hurting seriously ill people who rely on medical marijuana to relieve their pain.

"I have long supported efforts in Congress to advocate federal policies that recognize the scientific evidence and clinical research demonstrating the medical benefits of medicinal marijuana (and) that respects the wishes of the states in providing relief to ill individuals," Pelosi said in a statement to the press.

Last week, San Francisco Democrats passed a resolution asking the president to leave pot clubs alone. The local Democratic Party noted that the Obama Administration is "aggressively persecuting a peaceful and regulated community, wasting federal resources in using a series of threatening tactics to shut down regulated access to medical cannabis across the state of California."

That resolution came a day after Obama was quoted defending himself and his pot club suppression, under which 
operators and landlords of dispensaries have been threatened with jail time and asset forfeiture unless they closed their business to the city's tens of thousands of customers in San Francisco.

Obama claimed he "never made a promise to ignore federal law, and even if [he] did, [he] can't, because Congress, not the White House, makes the laws."

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David Pittelli
David Pittelli

So now she's in favor of States' Rights? Sorry, like the rest of the left she never took federalism seriously before, and now they've come for her pet cause.

Jose Gonzales
Jose Gonzales

One week later and what has happened?



The only thing that matters to the President as Ms. Pelosi well knows is if rich Californians cut him off of campaign funds.  Otherwise it's just grandstanding, he could care less about the liberal or progressive causes.


Obama knows better. It is the executive branch that executes the law. Any statement to the contrary is not accurate. Why after years of work by local governments setting up a control and tax collection system, is the administration all of a sudden so intent on fighting city and states rights over regulating medical marijuana? This is a dumb move during an election year. There must be some serious "legal" drug and banking money behind this. The banks rake in billions laundering the money. So far no bank has been foreclosed on for laundering activities and few bankers have gone to jail.


It's  true the maryjane of today is not the same innocuous substance it was, when Nancy and I were young,  and the potclub culture is out of control.  In Oakland and other bayarea cities  there  are more way to many potclubs. However this middle aged, middle class, catholic woman wonders why Obama is putting so much effort into chasing medical marijuana when there are so many other problems.  Like the economy, jobs, education, homelessness, etc etc..   Let's just tax it to the hilt.

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