Mitt Romney Makes Himself Right at Home in Wealthy Hillsborough

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Romney's deep thoughts
Remember what happened last time Mitt Romney made a trip to the liberal bastion of the Bay Area? Those raging grannies et al. went after him for being the billionaire he is, dressing in fake fur and mocking rich boys like him.

So we can only imagine -- or hope -- what they might have planned for the Republican presidential nominee as he makes his way today to the wealthiest part of the Bay Area and holds a fundraiser at one of the largest mansions in the nation -- Hillsborough's Carolands Chateau.

If you aren't crying in your oatmeal yet, by his side will be California's notorious rich Republican Meg Whitman, CEO of Hewlett-Packard Co., where, by the way, 27,000 layoffs were announced last week.

So here are the details of this over-the-top party: a $50,000 per plate founders' dinner at the 65,000-square-foot chateau.

Now, if you want a photo with the guy who apparently doesn't know how to spell America, that will cost you $10,000. An invite to the general reception with him will cost you your monthly mortgage of $2,500.

If you can't afford any of that, here's an entertaining video you can watch for free.

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Why attack success, is that not the American dream?


I know you write for "liberals" and aren't terribly interested in facts or balance, but why don't you guys ever point out how much Obama's fundraisers cost? Or the fact that his PAC is monstrous and raises millions and millions for his campaign? Or the fact that he happily accepts thousands in corporate donations, many from within sectors he'll later denounce as evil, in order to craft a perfect little soundbite for his worshipers? 

And when in the hell did it become a bad thing to become/be rich in America? Oh, right, when Obama and his minions created a class war to distract his idiotic worshipers from real issues, many of which Obama has created and fomented.

Bush worshipers were bad. They annoyed me to no end with their ignorance. Obama worshipers are worse. They claim to be so blissfully aware and smart and enlightened and yet, they are just as stupid and blind - perhaps even more so - as any other non-thinking, sound-bite regurgitating, constantly manipulated pawn.

Chew on this, you anti-1% idiots: When adjusting the dollar for inflation, both George Washington and Thomas Jefferson were even richer than Romney. I guess that makes them evil, too, as far as your logic goes?

By all means, Obama worshipers, continue reading junk like this. It'd be too much work for you to actually do some research of your own and seek out real facts (not too hard to find if you're interested in such things). It is so much easier to simply continue reading material, any material, that will simply reinforce your uninformed opinion.


Well stated. I am embarrassed to admit I used to be a democrat until like you suggested, I did my own research and figured out the lies democrats endlessly hurl.

Liberal media is fun to laugh at.


 WASHINGTON -- President Barack Obama's campaign fundraising trip to Maine on March 30 will feature a dinner at the Portland Museum of Art, with the price of admission as much as $30,000.

About 100 donors are expected to attend the dinner, according to three sources who spoke on condition of anonymity because the Obama campaign has not authorized them to release the information.

The dinner will follow a reception that afternoon at the Portland Marriott at Sable Oaks in South Portland, where about 800 people are expected to attend.

Obama's trip to Maine will not include an official event, just the two campaign fundraisers, the White House has said.

The prices for tickets to the event at Sable Oaks range from $100 to $10,000. For $100, an Obama supporter can buy a general admission ticket. For a $250 donation, one gets "friend" status, and for $500, a contributor gains entry to a "preferred section," according to the campaign website.

A "co-host," who contributes or raises $10,000, gains entry to a photo reception with the president.

The cost of attending the more exclusive dinner at the art museum begins at $5,000 and tops out at a $30,000 donation to the Democratic National Committee.


I could gather many more examples of why Obama is really no different from any other Liar-In-Chief, and could easily show you that he's not so different from Romney, but it's not my job to educate you. You wanna be dumb and ignorant? That's your right.


 I know I said it is not my job to educate you ignorant weenies but I realized you're going to misread what I wrote, because you don't know shit. When I refer to "Obama's" PAC, I refer to the active Super PAC's associated with the Dem party, which collect money from corporations and individuals, and then use the money to fund campaigns and make stupid political commercials and ads for stupid people. You won't see Obama refusing that money, no matter where it came from. And remember, while there are campaign donation limits (I think it's $5k), there are no limits on soft money, and bundling sure goes a long way toward collecting immense amounts of dough.

That's it. If you want to know more, do some damn research!


BAD videos that start playing automagically are especially annoying LOL. Nothing like having the sounds of the drum circle and unfunny activists to blow the mood at the office haha


Videos that start playing automatically are pretty annoying, FYI.

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