Really Mean Man Seen Throwing Chihuahua From Motel Window

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Not the actual dog, but you get the idea

A Livermore man is sitting behind bars today after he was spotted this morning hurling a chihuahua from a motel balcony and then pointing a gun at a guest who confronted him about the animal cruelty.

A guest at Motel 6 on Lassen Road saw 39-year-old Michael Hamby toss the dog from a second-floor balcony, Sgt. John Hurd told media outlets.

The dog landed paws-first on the ground.

After seeing this act of cruelty, the motel guest picked a fight with Hamby over why he had thrown the dog, Hurd said. The fight became heated and a motel clerk intervened, telling the two guests to go to their own rooms. Shortly after, the guest got a knock on his door, and when he opened it, "Hamby was standing at the door and pointed a gun at him," Hurd said.

Hamby ran off, and when officers arrived they recognized the suspect as someone they had arrested back in April on suspicion of assault, child endangerment, and possession of an illegal firearm. Since the suspect had a violent past, police decided to call in the East Bay Tactical Team, the combined SWAT team of the Livermore and Pleasanton police.

The cops evacuated the entire motel and surrounding businesses before bursting into Hamby's room, which was completely empty. However, police spotted him near the motel and took him into custody at about 7:20 a.m. He was and booked on suspicion of felony animal cruelty.

Thankfully, the dog wasn't injured, police said.

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sometimes the cops get it wrong. the suspect was staying at the Motel 6 with his wife and three small dogs. The two argued over who knows what and the smallest of the dogs ran out of the room and through the verticle bars of the balcony and landed in a grassy area below the room. the dog was not injured. The person in the room next to them came out and confronted them about their arguing and barking dogs to which the suspect put his hand behind his back leading the guest to believe he had a gun. the guest called the police. at that time, the suspect left. the cops arrived and found him not to be there after searching the room. he was found in a field near the hotel. no gun was ever found nor seen. he was transported to the local hospital for observation and was ordered to stay for 48 hours at John George, a facility for mental observation. The police has no hold on him and the doctors stated it was a huge misunderstanding. He is a free man after going through the observation period and he has an appointment with the doctors at the Veteran's Administration hospital in Livermore to adjust his medication that he is presently taking due to a head injury while serving in Iraq. He is a retired marine, having served 22 years. Two tours of Iraq, One tour of Afganistan. He won the purple heart and a bronze star with combat valor (earned for saving a platoon of marines from an Iraqi crossfire). He is having a hard time transitioning from the military to the civilian lifestyle. I have done a lot of research concerning this case in order to better understand the article. maybe some of you should as well.


WRONG!  They did not evacuate the entire motel.  They may have cleared a few adjacent rooms, but it was far from the entire hotel.  In fact, no one on the west side even knew anything was going on.  In fact, I walked down to the ice machine in the wee hours of the morning & it was only a few hours later that I knew someone raced down the outside stairs to see who I was (I thought it was a cop, but it was dark & it's not like there were cop cars all over-at least not on my side...LOL!).

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