Italian Consulate's Adorable "Official Business" Car

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Joe Eskenazi
Che diavolo รจ questo?
A diplomatic placard on your car means you can park it anywhere. But what about a car that you really can park anywhere?

This eye-catching, pint-sized "official" vehicle was spotted in front of the Italian Consulate General on Webster. True to form, it was crammed in a spot the size of a cigar box.

Joe Eskenazi
Actual size
Reached for comment, Consul General Fabrizio Marcelli noted that this is one of his employee's private vehicles. And, he notes, its prominent placement in front of his office is sending a mixed message. "We should have a Fiat 500," he notes with a laugh.

It turns out the consulate does have an"official" car. But it, too, is far less Italian than Marcelli. 

The official consular car is "an old Plymouth." But "We are trying to change it to a Chrysler 300." What, no chance of buying a Dodge Diplomat?

Between the Fiat and the Chrysler, we encounter a mathematical oddity: In this case, 300 is larger than 500.

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