New Immigration Reforms Basically Cite Months-Old Training Memos

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The U.S. Immigration and Custom's Enforcement agency has taken much criticism for its "Secure Communities" initiative, where participating local police departments give immigration officials access to the fingerprints of people brought into its jails.

In September, for instance, a Department of Homeland Security task force released a report listing its concerns with the policy, mainly that it undermined police efforts at community policing and that ICE agents must more efficiently focus resources on targeting serious criminals over minor offenders.

So last week, after months of review, ICE unveiled a plan for reform, which primarily centers on training memos and videos, new complaint filing process, and more than 700 "in-person or telephone meetings and presentations" regarding Secure Communities. Immigration advocates see the reforms as a cop-out -- no significant policy changes, just a promise to apply the old policies better.

"This is it?" Assemblyman Tom Ammiano, of San Francisco, said in a statement released yesterday. "Frankly, I'm glad I didn't hold my breath. Today's announcement will do absolutely nothing to repair the tremendous damage which S-Comm has caused to public safety and local governments."

The goal of Secure Communities is straightforward: streamline the databases of local police departments and immigration officials to help immigration officials find the Type of People We Want to Deport, namely the criminals. Or, as ICE states on its website: S-Comm "facilitates ICE's ability to identify and remove aliens who pose a threat to public safety." The problem, however, is that under the policy, the pool of possible "threats to public safety" includes every person who gets fingerprinted in jail.

ICE notes that 45 percent of total deportations in fiscal year 2011 involved people who were not convicted of a felony nor a misdemeanor. According to the DHS, which oversees ICE, 29 percent of S-Comm deportations had no more than a misdemeanor conviction, and 26 percent had no criminal convictions besides immigration violations.

To better channel resources toward serious offenders, ICE cited in its response to the DHS task force a June 2011 memo, "Civil Immigration Enforcement: Priorities for the Apprehension, Detention, and Removal of Aliens," which stresses the value of "prosecutorial discretion." The memo basically reiterates that "Because the agency is confronted with more violations than its resources can address, the agency must regularly exercise 'prosecutorial discretion' if it is to prioritize its efforts." Then it lists more than a dozen factors to consider, such as whether the person went to college, how long the person has been in America, whether the person has kids, whether the person has a relative who has served in the military.

This discretion remains in the hands of ICE, and not the police officers who have to manage the hesitant witness or console the victim or go back into the community to seek cooperation. Yet critics of the program note that it is the cops who face the community's anger over controversial deportations. In September, former Sacramento Police Chief Arturo Benegas Jr. resigned from the S-Comm task force, saying that because of the policy, "Immigrants will continue to fear that contact with the police could lead to deportation, crimes will go unreported, and criminals will remain free to prey on others."

To this point, ICE's reforms release cited another June 2011 memo stating:

To avoid deterring individuals from reporting crime and from pursuing actions to protect their civil rights, ICE officers, specials agents, and attorneys are reminded to exercise all appropriate discretion on a case by case by case basis when making detention and enforcement decisions in the cases of victims of crimes, and individuals perusing legitimate civil rights complaints.

But Ammiano and other immigration advocates argue that the recitation of these memos aren't enough.

"ICE mostly papers over even those recommendations, citing memos which it had issued even before the taskforce was convened and trumpeting such "changes" as updates to its website, changes in paperwork, and new videos," he said.

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In reality, the politicians of Calif. are in the employ of Mexico's most successful colony.

Remember to vote against these men and women, for they give service to illegal residents, instead of legal residents.

Dave Francis
Dave Francis


It seems that theopen border groups are always orchestrating ways to subdue the always impendingdanger of overpopulation growth and illegal immigration.  Even if large numbers of migrants are leavingthe United States, however it doesn’t excuse the illegal aliens stealing jobsfrom different working occupations in this nation. Thousands, who manage tosneak over here in agricultural and farming employment, soon learn that thereare other jobs in construction, services, landscaping, factories and theentertainment industry. Then these people disappear into cities and all regionsof the U.S. replacing citizens and residents as cut price labor for unconcernedbusiness owners. We don’t need any new immigration laws; we just require thegovernment, businesses to comply with the 1986 Immigration Control and ReformAct? AMENDMENTS YES! NEW LAWS NO! The most scary outcome if the Obamaadministration passed a so called Comprehensive Immigration package, is theestimated $2.6 trillion dollar package to complete this task, as the AmericanFederation of Immigration Reform (FAIR) as stated.



The Centralgovernment and other organization, including Pew Hispanic Center keep spittingthese population numbers on the illegal immigration occupation. But if avidreader do their own research, this is just numbers conjured up to pacify theAmerican people. From what I have surmised the figures of illegal people hereis well into 20 million plus. Any survey can be engineered to make it less thanthey are? Probably they are not counting the hundreds of thousands of‘foothold’ babies, unborn or who gain immediate citizenship when they areconceived. The illegal Mother can immediately claim, all the same welfareservices for the child/ children as any U.S. born citizen or naturalized citizenimmigrant. Once situated the whole family moves into the Section 8 housing. Eachstate wherever the family settles is forced by unfunded mandates, for infantdelivery, food stamps, entitlements and subsidized housing. All paid for by thealready overtaxed population. Don’t matter if it’s Alabama or any of the other49 states as they are all distressed from the inability or for some unknownreason to create this mess along most of the undefended border, or entrantscoming into America to stay, via the airlines.



What is noteworthy--that ifArizona gains a positive decision from the high court of the land, there willcertainly be hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens sweeping throughout the country,seeking desperately for a new place to live? Interesting enough these personswill head for states with no policing enforcement as California, Nevada, Utah,Washington State and locations that have ignored the pleading of taxpayersabout the burden of tax costs. These states already suffering from massive deficitswill soon be overwhelmed by more illegal’s, than they had already. Californiabeing the paradise, with no enforcement against sanctuary city ordinances. Thisis the epitome of ‘Poetic Justice’ as California, run by Liberal statelegislators have deceived their own legal residents, to subsidize the illegalimmigrant invasion.





Voters must stipulate from GOPHouse speaker, John Boehner  (R-OH) and Dave Camp, (R-MI) the Chairman of thepowerful Ways and Means Committee to stop blocking the 50-state E-Verify bill.  They are disinclined to allow the E-Verifybill to stop illegal aliens from stealing Social Security numbers to obtainU.S. jobs. If you are really feeling vigorous, why don't you put in a call toone of Mr. Camp's offices: 202-225-3625 Washington, DC (Ways & Means) 202-225-3561Washington, DC (personal office) 202-224-3121 Washington, DC (Capitolswitchboard) 989-631-2552 Midland, Mich. (district office) 231-929-4711Traverse City, Mich. (district office?)

Demand thesepoliticians stop blocking the bipartisan E-Verify “THE LEGAL WORKFORCE ACT”from being initiated in Congress by Texas Sen. Lamar Smith. Taxpayers arecontinuously afflicted at the hands of dishonest politicians who have sold usinto financial bondage by allowing illegal immigration to persist almostunimpeded in coming here. Less than 28 bipartisan co-sponsors are needed tohead this to the House chamber.


We must secure ourborders, not just from the influx of illegal migrants, but the imminent perilof our national security.



As the Congresscontinues to bicker over mandatory E-Verify, the Obama Administration has issued a statement that it is gettingready to introduce a big expansion of the electronic application. A second law to support The Legal WorkforceAct H.R. 2885 is to amend the Birthright Citizenship Act of 2011 (H.R.140); thecountry cannot maintain in subsidizing billions of dollars being extracted fromthe 50 states? Bad politicians should be thrown out of office, notexcluding state Governors, Mayors, Judges and all elected officials, and replacethem with Fresh Tea Party leaders who will insure everybody gets their fairshare of the American Dream and enforce all laws attributed to the Constitutionand the Rule of Law. NumbersUSA is maintaining a data base of all relatedinformation and you should investigate their website for the latest news.



This is not justabout Mexicans, but Asians, Europeans and others who have strained ourcompassionate welfare programs, that every state has had to cut back publicassistance on US citizens and permanent residents, with green card holders. It’sabout anybody who violates a sovereign countries law? Both political parties areto blame for this conflict, as Democrats are out to lure more votes, legal orotherwise? The republicans are for larger profits of cheap labor from thebusiness community, which has lowered wages for the average American worker. Neitherparty can be trusted to perform correctly, that is why the Constitutional TeaParty is swelling daily with new members in thousands of chapters as people aredespondent with the direction of this country. This nation is near bankruptcyand with a 16 Trillion dollar deficit owed to foreign investors; the interestis more than the GDP.


 GOP Presidential nominee Mitt Romney and everypolitician, along with all elected officials and manager, who better beginlistening to the people; not the special interests and radicals, which theywill be voted out in coming elections.


The  ‘PEOPLE’S’ Tea Party will enforce ourimmigration laws, that will represent the people, will introduce a wellregulated farm bill so Guest Workers can arrive here and then mandatory departafter their contract expires, with no amnesty. That the farming andagricultural industry will pay the benefits for their labor and not the state’staxpayers.  There will no importation ofmigrant poverty anymore, cutting off access to welfare programs. Don’t need orshould we accept any new low skilled workers, instead we need to supply our owncitizens with more occupational programs. Another set of regulations to amend,would be a careful examination of the current visa system allowing around amillion legal immigrants annually into the U.S. No further violation can betolerated from businesses and we should only permit the highest brains inengineering, science, mathematicians and technology professionals to immigratehere

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