Happy Harvey Milk Day: Have a Milkshake

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Happy Birthday!
Last week, we told you about those hatemongers up in Sacramento who wasted time and money trying to convince everyone to lock their kids inside for Harvey Milk Day, which, by the way, is today. And while we can't say for sure how many kids were forced to stay home from school so they didn't have to hear one peep about the civil rights leader, we can tell you plenty of kids -- gay and straight -- are finding ways to celebrate.

And not just by chomping down on Milk Duds.

The San Francisco Gay Straight Alliance Network has put together a blueprint of ways for teens and California's youth to honor Harvey Milk on his 82nd birthday, starting with donning buttons, stickers, and t-shirts with his photo on it.

After you get decked out in your Harvey Milk gear, here are some other ways you can memorialize San Francisco's slain supervisor best known for revolutionizing the gay rights movement:

  • Serve milkshakes or milk and cookies to your friends at school. Do it as a fundraiser or just for fun, but definitely include information about Harvey Milk and his legacy. This is bound to get their attention.
  • Ask your teachers to include information about Milk in their lessons for the week. 
  • Watch The Times of Harvey Milk. Everyone should see this.
  • Talk to your fellow classmates about Milk and his contributions. If you can, get members of the GSA to do presentations in your classes.
  • Take a field trip to the GLBT History Museum -- that's always a good time, and you will learn a lot.
Or you could just listen to this chilling speech, because nothing will inspire you more than Milk himself.

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Edwin Stewart Pfalzer
Edwin Stewart Pfalzer

Happy Harvey Milk Day! Recommend watching the movie "Milk" to your friends. And take 'em some milkshakes to get them in the mood! =peaceout=

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