Gold Dust Lounge to Move to Fisherman's Wharf: Last Call Tonight

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Last Call!
It's official: The Gold Dust Lounge will no longer be shaking up cocktails and entertaining patrons from the comfort of its Union Square digs after tonight.

According to Lee Houskeeper, spokesman for the bar, the Gold Dust Lounge is working out the final details of a new lease for a spot on Fisherman's Wharf. If all goes well today, the bar hopes to announce the new location, which would open up to patrons in about four months, Houskeeper told us.

"It's rare you get a new lease on life," he said.

Houskeeper was coy about providing any details on the new spot, but assured us that it will be the same Gold Dust Lounge as you all remember (post hangover).
Everything in the bar -- the quirky art, the old antique bar, chandeliers, and even the ceiling -- will be carefully removed, restored, and reinstalled inside the new location, he said.

And yes, the three-man band -- Johnny Z and the Camaros -- are coming, too. "It's all going to be recreated to give that same vibe and feel," he told us this morning.

Meanwhile, the bartenders, staff, and bandmembers will move into Lefty O'Douls, which is also owned by the Bovis brothers, where a mini Gold Dust Lounge will operate for the next four months while the transition happens, Houskeeper told us. "We're taking care of everyone," he said.

So come get your drink on tonight at the Gold Dust Lounge, and celebrate a new era for the historic bar. 

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A move from Union Square to Fisherman's Wharf will suit the tourists just fine. Meanwhile, San Francisco residents still don't know what the gold dust lounge is.

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