Fat Black Bear Shows Up to Middle School Graduation

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A little late for the cub scouts meeting
In San Francisco, when someone says a bear crashed a graduation party, they're probably talking about a student's dad.But down south in Bakersfield, when a bear crashes a party, it's actually a terrifying experience.

A black bear reportedly interrupted a graduation ceremony in Bakersfield when it made its way over a fence and onto an adjacent playground at school at Ramon Garza Elementary. The 200-pound bear was then seen wandering around the parking lot; it walked right past the school administration offices and made its way to the graduation ceremony at the adjacent Sierra Middle School. Some 600 parents watched in awe as the beast made its way through a chain-link fence.

Officials confirmed to the Los Angeles Times that the black bear was "not an invited guest."

"He felt like he was unwelcome, so he left," said Kim Rodriguez with Kern County Animal Control.

Fortunately nobody was injured, including the bear, which was trapped by Animal Control and taken to a large apartment complex within 30 minutes, the Times reports.

"They didn't want to flip out the bear," Rodriguez said. "They didn't want to do anything traumatic to the bear. The bear was unhappy to be in the situation, so they decided to tase him so they could get him safely to the vehicle."

Authorities believe the bear was there not to upset anyone, but was probably acting like an adolescent himself, looking for his own territory after being separated from his mom.

Now that's a graduation party no parent will forget. In case you are wondering, the Sierra Middle School's mascot isn't a bear.

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