Teen Sues Cyberbullies Over Phony Facebook Page

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Things aren't always peachy in Georgia
So much for Southern hospitality. A middle school student in the great state of Georgia is taking two of her classmates to court, claiming they used Facebook to humiliate and shame her.

According to the complaint filed this week, the student says her classmates created a fake Facebook page, which they used to represent her as sexually active, racist, and a druggie -- all of which the defendants knew to be false.

The student is suing, claiming libel, defamation, and humiliation. She attached a screenshot of the page with her complaint, since the Bay Area tech company removed the page for the public to view.

A year ago, the plaintiff came across faux Facebook page, and was surprised, to say the least, to find the page contained her name, photo, and inappropriate comments about her  -- none of which she had authorized. She immediately reported it to her parents, who sought Palmer Middle School officials to take action.

But the school was no help, so the plaintiff went to local authorities where she filed a police report with Georgia's Cobb County Police Department, hoping the cops could get the page removed.

And like any 14-year-old girl would be, the plaintiff was concerned about her reputation, and claimed the phony Facebook page caused her emotional and physical distress. "The statements clearly exposed the plaintiff to hatred, contempt, and ridicule by her classmates and peers," according to the complaint.

The teen is now requesting a jury trial and is seeking general and punitive damages to prevent the online bullying from happening again -- to her or to any other student. 

Hat Tip: Court House News

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Way to go.  This would go a long way in teaching the parents of the wayward teens that their perceived prank, innocent mischief is not only misplaced but criminal.  As a non-financial punishment, the teens should be banned from Facebook permanently.  

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